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Apologetics Portal

     First, to get a real sense and orientation to this project of both giving an answer to those who ask of us the reason for our hope and for defending the truthfulness of the gospel story, please read the important introduction to this Portal

          General Introduction

     Then, we encourage you to engage with us in our current configuration with that understanding:

          Conceptual Analysis & Defense, Deployed in the Defense of the Truth of Christian Faith.

          Cultural Analysis & Defense, Deployed in the Defense of the Relevancy and Existential Viability of Christian Faith.

     The design of this portal is to help you do further research into the areas that are necessary to rationally and culturally defend the Christian faith. Our intention was to organize these resources in a systematic way so you can follow the logical structure of that. Then, we have tried to provide resources of various kinds in those areas, that overlap and often raise questions regarding the academic zeigeist and secular interpretation of the Christian faith. Thus, our whole point is to go beyond a cookie-cutter approach and give you the tools to develop your own thinking and further your research.