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Connections Review Archive

Welcome to our Connections Review Archive

     Connections Review is an occasional publication, sent electronically to some of our Christian faculty network. It is designed, written and edited to help keep Christian professors up-to-date on the relevant goings on within academe, provide information about updates to our websites and resources, provide provocative ideas and insights, and prepare Christian scholars for the task at hand. We take the task at hand as being the redemption of our souls and minds and those of our colleagues and the intitutions where we live and serve.

Note: Some links within particular issues of archived Connections Reviews no longer exist or do no longer work. This might be due to the fact that over a period of time, some of the links we embed are outside of our control and can be changed by others; and some off-site pages that we linked to have been deleted by those who originally posted them...

A. Connections Review Archive 

(Design 1 - Issues #1-9) 

Academic Connections, International

          CR #1, Winter 2011

          CR #2, Summer 2011

          CR #3, Winter 2012

          CR #4, (EXTRA) Spring 2012

          CR #5, Summer 2012

          CR #6, Winter 2013

          CR #7, Summer/Fall 2013

          CR #8, Winter 2014

          CR #9, Summer/Fall 2014

BConnections Review Archive 

(Design 2 - Issues #10 ff)

     Subsequently we decided to use another mechanism that was simpler, more intuitive and used smaller files.   This allowed those involved in our network to access our publication through their email directly. 

          CR #10, Winter 2015

          CR #11, Summer 2015

          CR #12, Fall 2015

          CR #13, Winter 2016

          CR #14, Spring 2016

          CR #15, Summer 2016

          CR #16, Fall 2016

          CR #17, Winter 2017

          CR #18, Spring 2017

          CR #19, Summer 2017

          CR #20, Fall, Winter 2017

          CR #21 & #22, Spring/Summer 2018

          CR #23 & #24, Fall 2018/Winter 2019

          CR #25 & #26, Spring/Summer 2019

          CR #27, Summer/Fall 2020

          CR #28, Winter/Spring 2021

          CR #29, Summer/Fall 2022

          CR #30, Summer/Fall 2023

          CR #31, (Extra) Winter 2024

C. Selected ACI Authored Articles from past issues of Connections Review

          Faith and Reason

          Worldview and Thinking Christianly, Part 1

          Worldview and Thinking Christianly, Part 2

          Jesus and Academic Culture, Part 1

          Jesus and Academic Culture, Part 2

          Jesus and Academic Culture, Part 3

          Jesus and Academic Culture, Part 4

          Jesus and Academic Culture, Part 5

          Getting (Your Community) Off to a Good Start

          A Good (Covid) Start

          Conversations That Matter

          What Does Athens Have to Do with Jerusalem?

          The Health of the Christian Community on Your Campus

          Based on a Nearly True Story?

          A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to...

          White Paper on Peer to Peer Journey Guidance

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