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Café Cook

     A place to grab a cup of coffee and among other things, browse articles and videos of possible interest to Christians whose calling is be a part of the academic world. It is also a place (much lower on this page), to archive the contents of Connections Review's Café Cook beginning with Issue #8ff, when we first started including it.

Our Current Café Cook Offerings:

Research on Understanding Faculty and Academic Attitudes:

First Wave (starting late 50s):

          The Academic Mind  (Lazarfeld & Thielens, 1958, 1977)

          How Religious are American’s College and University Professors? (Gross & Simmons, 1969)

          The Politics of American Sociologists (Lipset & Ladd, 1972)

          Bias Against Women in Academia History—A Propaganda Analysis (JSTOR, 1977)

Second Wave (1990s-2005):

          Theoretical and Political Perspectives of American Sociologists in the 1990s (Sanderson & Ellis, 1992)

          Current Theoretical and Political Perspectives of Western Sociological Theorists  (Lord & Sanderson, 1999)

          How Many Ward Churchills? (American Council of Trustees and Alumni, 2005)

          ACTA Report on How Many Ward Churchills? ( Timothy Burke, 2006)

          The “Faculty Bias” Studies: Science or Propaganda? (No longer can be found in Inside Higher Education)

          What’s in a Grade? Academic Success and Political Orientation (Kennelmeier, Danielson & Baystern, 2005)

          Politics and Professional Advancement Among College Faculty (Rothman, Lichter & Nevitte, 2005)

          Hide the Republicans, the Christians & the Women: Response to Politics & Professional Advancement Among College Faculty (Barker, Carmen, et al., 2005)

          Faculty Partisan Affiliations in All Disciplines: A Voter-Registration Study (Cardiff & Klein, 2005)

Third Wave (2006-)

          Is the Academy a Liberal Hegemony? (Zipp and Fenwick-2006)     

          The Ideological Profile of Faculty in the Humanities and Social Sciences Reply to Zipp and Fenwick (Klein & Stern-2006)

          Fear and Loathing in College Classroom: A Survey of Political Science Department Chairs Regarding Political Bias (Losco, DeOllos, 2007)

          Jewish Institute: Volume II: Religious Beliefs & Behaviors of College Faculty (This important study no longer has a paper link in Semantic Scholar, 2007)

          Is Leftist Bias on College Campuses a Myth?  (Robinson, 2007)

          The Social and Political Views of American Professors. Google Document (Gross & Simmons, 2007)

          The Religiosity of American College and University Professors (Gross & Simmons-2009)

          The Battle Over Studies of Faculty Bias (Gravois, 2007)

          Recalibrating Academic Bias (Yancey, 2012)

See also:

          Academic Bias (Wikipedia)

          Political Views of American Academics (Wikipedia)

          The Vanishing West 1964-2010: The Disappearance of Western Civilization from the American Undergraduate Curriculum (Ricketts, Thorne, Balch & Wood, 2011)

          Why Are Professors So Liberal? (Theory and Society, 2012)

          Is There a Liberal Bias Among American Professors? (Psychology Today, 2012)

          Why are Professors Liberal and Why Do Conservative Care? (Neil Gross, 2013)

          The Wedge Driving Academe’s Two Families Apart? (Hollinger, 2013)

          Both/And Instead of Either/Or (Yancey, 2015)

          Investigating the Perceptions of Intellectual Diversity Among Socially Conservative Christian Seniors at Elite U.S. Colleges (Brow, 2016)

          Revisiting Bias in Qualitative Research (Galdas, 2017)

          Yes Academic Bias is a Problem and We need to Address it: A Response to Larregue (Yancey, 2018)

          Think Professors Are Liberal? Try Administrators (NYT, 2018)

          Homogenous: The Political Affiliations of Elite Liberal Arts College Faculty (Langbert, 2018))

          "...Sociology Seeks to Become Politically-Relevant Discipline..." (Turner, 2019)

          The History of Religion in the United States (Higher Education: Handbook of Theory & Research, 2019)

          The American University, the Politics of Professors & the Narrative of "Liberal Bias" (Tyson & Oreske, 2020)

          The Value of Ideological Diversity Among University Professors (Whittington, 2021)

          More Than 80% of Surveyed Harvard Faculty Identify as Liberal (Harvard Crimson, 2022)

          The Hyperpolitization of Higher Education (Magnus, Waugh, 2022)

          Positivity Bias In Higher Education Research (Tight, 2022)

          Psychology as Science and Propaganda (Jussim & Honeycutt, 2023)

          The Persistence of Bias in Education (Smith, Meyer, & McClure, 2023)

          Rise and Fall of American Evangelicalism (video, Tim Keller)


Point of View or Op Ed Articles & Books

          How the Left Became so Intolerant (Heritage Foundation)

          Why Can’t the Sciences & the Humanities Get Along: The Wedge Driving Academe's Two Families Apart by D. Hollinger

          Why Are Liberals So Condescending? (Gerard Alexander)

Christians in Academe Who are doing Research on Academe (whose work is worth noting)

          Researcher on Beliefs Among Academic Scientists    

          Researcher on Religious Activists in State Level Politics


Evangelism in Academe

          White Paper on Peer to Peer Journey Guidance Among Academics

          Mentoring the Journey: Topo #1

Academic Ambiance

          When God Comes To the Office

Science and Christianity

          On Naturalism

          What is Naturalism?  by Timothy Williamson

          Why I am a Naturalist   by Alex Rosenberg     

          On Ducking Challenges to Naturalism by Tim Williamson

          What is Naturalism That We Should Be Mindful of It? by William Alston

          What is Naturalism That We Should Be Mindful of It? (Lecture Notes)  by William Alston

          Introduction to Faith and Scholarship (ACI)

          Faith and Reason  (ACI)

Heretic Naturalist Tom Nagel & Responders:

Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False (Tom Nagle)

          An Author Attracts Unlikely Allies (NY Times Review)

          Ferguson, Andrew. “Heretic” in The Weekly Standard.

          Where Thomas Nagel Went Wrong (Chronicle of Higher Education Review)

          Science Dismisses Nagel Book with Faint Praise  

          Philosopher Thomas Nagel Goes the Way of Alvin Plantinga, Disses Evolution  

          What’s Gotten Into Thomas Nagel? (National Post Review)

          Do You Only Have a Brain? On Thomas Nagel  (The Nation)

          The Book that Deflated Darwin Day (Intercollegiate Review)

          Awaiting a New Darwin (New York Review of Books)

          The Core of ‘Mind and Cosmos’ (The Opinionator Pages - NYT)

          Thomas Nagel: Thoughts Are Real (The NewYorker)

          No One Reads the Bible Literally by John Wilson (Calvin College)


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