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     Like it says above, this site is for interests I have that change from time to time, and some of the site is for friends who share similar interests to mine.  

     I’ve reorganized the pages again May, 2018 and again, more slightly in the summer  of 2019. If you wish to explore the site, just hover over the links at the top of the page with your cursor and click on what you like. The Site and Portal has three main sections:  The Arts and Culture, Sports, and what I call Video Shorts. The “Arts and Culture” varies from what I would call high culture stuff like museum photos to popular culture things like humor, favorite movies, and some scribblings. The “Sports” section has a high jump sub-website (since I jumped in high school and some in college) and still have an interest in it, and some quick links to things like sporting news. The "Video Shorts" are mainly for family and relatives and having them on-line makes it easy to refer to them. Find the links just below the Welcome! greeting, above.  Most links and sublinks are best accessed from this homepage.

     I am a Fellow and the Executive Director of a Non-Profit, Academic Connections, International, but this site is for something I do for fun when I can.  That is a photo (upper left) of our dog, Isaac, who keeps watch over things and the photo above is one I took of a sunset over Boulder, Colorado. The one to the right is me doing my part to keep things from failing.

Note: some photos on this site were taken at museums and were shot with either an Olympus digital camera or iPhone camera. They are reproduced here for non-commercial appreciation at low resoltution, for the benefit of on-line display.  If you like the pics, we invite and encourage you to visit the museums. 

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